Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Good Blue vs. Bad Blue

Some people look to Groundhog Day as an indication that the end of winter is at least within distant sight. For others Valentine's Day performs the same purpose. For me and thousands like me, there's a day in between that more than anything signifies that spring is on it's way - the first Carolina-Dook game of the season. PC's eloquent take is here - as a Chapel Hill native, his history with the rivalry is certainly longer than mine. I only go back as far as the Gminiski-Spanarkel-Banks teams of the late 70's at the end of Bill Foster's tenure as coach for hating Dook and there was even a short period after that when they were almost pitiable - when the best backcourt they could put on the floor was Chip Engelland and Tom Emma. That didn't last long after Bilas, Alarie and Dawkins came on the scene. So unlike some natives, I've only been hating Dook for about 30 years - but believe me, it is a pure and virulent hatred, one that will last long after I'm dead and gone.

NC State was once almost as hated, but the years of mediocre teams and really crappy coaches have dulled that somewhat. At least when we play in Raleigh, the asinine toofless yokels in the crowd manage to piss me off enough to hate on 'em a little bit. But mostly they're too far beneath the Heels to generate that kind of emotion. And that really is the thing that I try not to think about when it comes to the Dookies - there has to be some respect for them to generate this kind of despite and I don't like having to admit that there's any respect for them at all.

I don't expect a Carolina victory tonight, although it's not as far-fetched a prospect as I would have thought a couple of months ago. I'll settle for being competitive but a win would go down as one of those classics, like the "8 points in 17 seconds" game in '74 or the double OT win at Duke in '95 that Carolina dads will be teaching their kids for many years to come.


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