Monday, February 20, 2006

Meme of Fours

mapgirl at Midwest Confidential tagged me with the meme of fours, so here goes:

Four jobs I've had:
Construction worker
Worker at a laminated top company (I may have made your countertop)
Movie theater usher and concessionaire (Eastland Mall Cinemas in Charlotte)
Doorman, booker, co-owner of a night club

Four movies I can watch over and over:
Monty Python and The Holy Grail (seems to be a common answer!)
The Blues Brothers
The Big Sleep (the Bogie version of course)

Four television shows I love to watch:
(I'll take this to be current shows)
My Name is Earl

Four favorite dishes:
Pizza in all of its wonderful varieties
Enchilada-style tempeh burritos from Margaret's Cantina
Anything from Chilli Pepper's in Kill Devil Hills
The veggie quesadilla from the long-gone Papagayo's in Chapel Hill

Four websites I visit daily:
I won't count Google since it's my startpage
Blue Ridge Blog
Durham Morning Herald
Talking Points Memo
(there are many, many more)

Four places I've been on vacation:
Walt Disney World in Orlando
The Outer Banks of NC
Blowing Rock, NC
Washington, DC

Four places I'd rather be:
Tough since I'm living in my favorite place in the world
On a boat in the marina at Shallowbag Bay in Manteo, NC
Riding the Tower of Terror at Disney-MGM Studios
Sitting in the big outdoor hottub at the spa at Grove Park Inn
Key West (never been, but I can't help but think I'd love it)

Four bloggers I'm tagging (not sure who's already done it, so fuggitaboutit if you've already been tagged):
Cindy Lee


At 9:43 PM, Blogger mapgirl said...

See, I didn't know you had been a club owner! There must be some interesting stories there.

Also, it's psychic that you mention Grove Park Inn, because I was just visiting their web site as a possible getaway later this year.

Thanks for playing our little game. I promise not to pester you with such things again.


At 10:48 PM, Blogger Tony Plutonium said...

Hey, I don't mind getting tagged - they're fun! (And I think you owed me one anyway).

Give Grove Park some SERIOUS consideration - the spa is awesome (I don't care for the treatment stuff - I just hit the hot tubs and pools and saunas and steam rooms and... and...)

Plus some really really good food, great Arts-and-Crafts decor, really good service (and you might get the room that F. Scott Fitzgerald took for a season - over the carriage entrance so he could check out the talent as it came in).

At 8:33 AM, Blogger Cindy Lee said...

this is going to sound silly but what does it mean to be "taged"

and meme of fours is a good way to learn something about a person. like your movies, never seen thoes tv shows but then I dont see much tv. chilie peppers is a good place to eat but I like jolly rogers better (I like the junk hanging off the celing) and 25 years ago when I lived in Charlotte I think I went to the cenima you worked at to see "the rocky horror picture show" and no I was not dressed up.

its a small world

At 12:28 PM, Blogger Tony Plutonium said...

Tagged as in "Tag! You're it!" - it's your turn to spill in *your* blog. As you said - a chance to get to know a little more about folks in the blogger community.

Probably South Park Mall's theaters for Rocky Horror - I saw it there at least a dozen times. Hopefully you at least brought a water pistol, newspaper and toast if you didn't dress up! Our theater had a long run of George Romero's "Dawn of the Dead", which attracted a huge crowd of bikers every weekend - I'm guessing some of the nuance of the film was lost on most of them.

At 4:08 PM, Blogger Cindy Lee said...

When I saw the RHPS it was on a bet from my brother and some of his buds. I was a bit uneasy and when I saw the folks in the line and the stuff that went on inside the uneasiness did not go away. (I was a catholic school naive prude). I regret that I did not loosen up and just go with the flow but it is an experience I will never forget.

I will work on that tag.


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