Sunday, April 11, 2004

The Blind leading the Stupid

It's been asked many other places in many other ways, but somebody's got to tell me why President Sock-Puppet has an approval rating of higher than zero! The evidence that he and his cabinet knew something big was coming in the fall of 2001 and not only did nothing about it but in fact deemphasized counter-terrorism efforts should be enough to impeach him (at very minimum to get a cabinet level official or two canned). But frankly what has always been more disturbing to me is that after the in-your-face proof that 9/11 offers that the world has changed, they continue to act as if it's 1989. And people still defend him and his policies. And people (fewer and fewer each day, thankfully) still say they approve of him. I guess we get the leadership that we deserve - if that's the case, as a people we apparently have a collective IQ of about 7.

Kevin Drum's entry today sums up the ridiculousness of the White House position on the August 6 Presidential Daily Briefing.


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