Thursday, April 15, 2004

Death of Television

With "Angel" starting its end-run last night and with "Karen Sisco" relegated to USA for whatever remains of new episodes, I started to write about how all broadcast television sucks now and that I'll be turning the TV off. But I realized that I really can't make that statement as there are probably some show, like "Alias" or "West Wing" or "24" that are excellent TV that I'm just not watching. I don't count sitcoms - you can miss a few weeks then watch an ep and pretty much know what's going on (and regardless of which show, see bits that were done on "I Love Lucy"). It's been since "Sportsnight" that I actually scheduled around a sitcom (and it was more a dramedy). For hour-long dramas though, there have been a few shows since "The X-Files" that were worth me changing my life around in order to see them. All three of Joss Whedon's shows were among them, as were "Glory Days", "Karen Sisco" and "John Doe". Note that other than "Buffy" and "Angel", none of them made it through a complete first season. So I pretty much give up. There are still lots of movies at Visart that I haven't seen, basketball games that haven't been played, reruns of "Newsradio" that I haven't seen in awhile... and maybe I'll try to catch up with "Alias", except I'd hate to be responsible for getting it canceled!


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