Monday, April 12, 2004

On The Tube

OK, why the hell did nobody like "Lake Placid"? What did all the critics have against it? As I read the reviews, they all pretty much hated it, but it seems like every one was for a different reason. They seem to have trouble figuring out whether it was horror, comedy, spoof or homage and decided that their lack of ability to discern the answer to that question meant the filmmakers didn't do a good job. Well, hey, maybe the movie was all of those things! I mean, you've got cute-as-a-bug Bridget Fonda, gruff but lovable Bill Pullman, a big-ass alligator, Oliver Platt as the rich eccentric shark gator expert that brings his own boat helicopter to the party, a big-ass bear-eating alligator, Brendan Gleeson doing his best Alan Hale, Jr. imitation and the kid that played Natty Gann all grown up and really nicely filling out a deputy uniform. And best of all, sweet dotty old Betty White swearing like a drunken sailor - how can you not love a movie that has Betty White delivering lines like "Thank you, officer fuck-meat!" and "You're all cocksuckers!"? She'd make Kevin Smith blush! Frankly there ain't nothing wrong with this movie, except maybe that Oliver Platt doesn't get eaten. To paraphrase Mr. Briggs, Tony-Bob gives it an A-! Check it out!


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