Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Things I Think About While Running in the Morning...

Best concerts (large venues) I've ever seen:

1. U2 - Kenan Stadium - 1983 First show on the War tour, cold wet spring day and Bono doing a soft shoe on a scaffolding 25 feet above the stage while breaking into "Singing in the Rain" during "Electric Co". On that day, he had more moral authority than the Pope.

2. Talking Heads - Carmichael Auditorium - 1983 Just an amazing show - you didn't really expect "joyous" from them if you discovered them in the early days, but that's the best way to describe the bulk of the show.

3. David Bowie - Madison Square Garden - 1983 (a DAMN fine year!) "Serious Moonlight" tour and Lex was able to get tickets for an added third show. I am forever in his debt. Stands out even more after seeing him on the retched "Glass Spider" tour a year or two later.

4. Little Feat - Carmichael Auditorium - 1978 The first concert I went to after coming to UNC - weeks before Lowell George's death. Kind of the flip-side to the shows in number 5 - no show, all go - made the gym feel like a 400-capacity club.

5. Emerson, Lake and Palmer (1977) and Queen (1978) - Charlotte Coliseum I group them together because they were both the best positive examples of arena rock "back in the day" that I can recall. Between the lighting, pyrotechnics and staging of both shows and the outright showmanship of Keith Emerson, Freddie Mercury and the rest, you definitely felt like you got your money's worth!


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