Friday, April 16, 2004

Two bits of good news (in addition to it being Friday!)...

Item 1 - just found out that NYTimes columnist Paul Krugman is scheduled to speak at Carroll Hall at UNC Monday night at 7:30 - free and open to the public, so I will without a doubt be there!

Item 2 - Air America and WCHL-1360 AM have reached an agreement to air "The O'Franken Factor" and the "Majority Report" (the Garofalo/Seder 9-11pm show). Apparently there were discussions earlier between the two entities, but initially Air America wanted the whole broadcast day. Having just moved back to Chapel Hill from their stint in Durham, CHL wasn't interested in losing their local content. Quoting the WCHL general manager Christie Jones in the Durham Herald-Sun, "We're pleased we can take the two shows we feel that best suit our local audience and still maintain our local presence." I'll admit that I'm still probably not all that likely to listen in - I just don't listen to the radio all that much. But I'm still psyched!


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