Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Unintended Consequences

News and Observer lead story today - Triangle will Join Bad Air List.

The Triangle's air, fouled by exhaust from cars and trucks, violates a new stricter federal ozone standard that goes into effect that day. The new benchmark is based on measurements of pollutant concentrations over an eight-hour period, replacing a more lenient one- hour standard.

The designation will bring a new focus to efforts by business and government to promote cleaner-burning fuels, ride sharing, commuting at off-hours and even allowing employees to work from home on bad ozone days.

Given the continued focus of many of the companies in the Triangle on moving jobs offshore, I can't imagine all that many people being willing to admit that they can perform their jobs perfectly well from home. Kinda wonder if offshore initiatives haven't spelled the end of voluntary telecommuting, at least for now.


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