Thursday, May 27, 2004

Happy Anniversary, guys!

Lex and Ann are celebrating 14 years of wedded bliss! Send 'em some love!

I do have to show you folks the effects of marriage on my boy, though - see the before and after pictures below:

The picture on the left dates from around 22 years ago, the one on the right I liberated from his homepage. Note that while he seems much more in focus, his head has shrunk tremendously from its prior size. I credit Ann with both of those changes - it is for the reader to decide whether those changes are positive. His face also now seems to be covered with some sort of fungoidal growth which is only partially offset by the rather attractive tumor that seems to be growing out of his left shoulder. That would seem to be a wash, so all in all, it would appear that Mr. BlogontheRun has greatly benefited from his life as a married dude.


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