Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Things I Think about while Running

One of the downsides (and there are not many) of watching lots (I mean LOTS) of old sci-fi movies is that when a big-ass tick jumps off a leaf onto the back of your neck, not only do you think about Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever - you also have to consider the possibility that it's really an alien tick-like creature that is now burrowing its way into your spinal column in order to take over your body as part of its plan to control the world.

I've really gotten slack - need to run more often.

Question for some of you writers and/or English majors - was it ironic last night that the movie that ABC refused to preempt for the Preznit's speechifying was called "A Beautiful Mind"? Or just sort of amusing?

Sometimes throwing songs onto the MP3 player in random order can produce some pretty cool sequences - "88 Lines About 44 Women" followed by the Romantics' "That's What I Like About You" works really, really well.


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