Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Congratulations, Larry Brown and Detroit!

I'm shocked, awed and tickled that the Pistons did such a number on the Lakers and that Larry Brown finally won an NBA championship to go with his 1988 NCAA win. He's always been a good coach and a good guy and it's great to see him finally get to start out with a decent team and coach them all the way to the championship. And PC's theory on UNC influence being essential to an NBA championship is proven true once again.

The other positive by-product is that Kupchak and company are now going to have to clean house in LA. Jackson is gone, Kobe will be gone, who knows about Malone and Payton - time to clear the rolls and start from scratch. I would assume they'll still have the most dominant player in the league to build around and Fox isn't going to play anywhere other than LA - other than that, who knows? When the shock subsides, it should be fun.


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