Sunday, June 20, 2004

Happy Pappy's Day, Daddy-dude!

I sometimes get the impression that there are very few people in the world that have yet to meet my father. And I'd be willing to bet that 99.99% of those that have met him would tell you that they like him. Dad's one of the best salesmen I've ever encountered and I always got the impression that it was because he sold himself rather than a product. Within five minutes of meeting him, his customers just knew that he wasn't going to sell them something they didn't need and that he'd back up what he sold - and they were right. That's the difference between one sale and a lifetime of sales. I also listened to him talk about managing people as I was growing up - what I've applied to my own management style is treating people like people rather than "direct reports" as long as they will let you and being astute enough to understand when they've stopped letting you by taking advantage of your trust. I think I'm a better manager, a better friend and a better human being for having had Dad's example.

None of that explains why the whole time I was growing up he cheated like a son of a bitch every time we played a game! [grin] It didn't matter whether it was checkers, Monopoly, Rack-o, basketball, tennis or poker (for chips, of course), he'd break any rule he could get away with. I don't think it was having to win (although I do note that once I started catching him, then started beating him, that he didn't want to play anymore) - I think getting away with it was the fun part of the game. I can hear him now:
[indignant sputter] What the hell are you talking about?! I never cheated in my life!
Yeah, well, Dad - comment field is below, so you have the right to defend yourself... if you dare! I'll grant him this - I have never, ever known Dad to cheat if there was money or anything of real consequence on the line. Just pride (usually mine).

So a big happy Father's Day to a great man, a great dad, a great yellow-dog Democrat, a great Carolina fan and a great friend. Just watch him like a hawk if you're playing for funsies... :)


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