Thursday, June 24, 2004

John Kerry is cool!

Okay, you can tell I'm really not in the mood to write today if I'm stooping to not just quoting other blogs, but quoting comments to other blogs, but this was choice!

In The Poor Man's Veepstakes post, which is well worth a read in its entirety, we get the comment:
Yeah, Kerry is in a lot of ways that really cool uncle/older cousin that had a band back then and can totally dig your guitar playing and he snowboards 'nstuff but not because he thinks it will make him look cool but because he enjoys the thrill in a way that makes you feel ashamed about the time you didn't want to go down those rapids 'cause they looked too scary and you didn't think he would go down 'em either but he said "are you kidding me? You're gonna pass this up? Not me!," so you did it any way and you're really glad you did but then there was the time you and your friend tripped balls and your friend freaked out and you had no where else to go so you went over to his house because you thought it would be cool but it wasn't and he helped your friend come down but the next morning he talked to the both of you about how dangerous drugs could be and that while he wasn't going to tell anybody's parents, he was extremely disappointed and had thought better of you and instead of getting the 1.5, like you did the semester before, you got a 3.25 and over the summer as a reward he invited you to Nantucket but you weren't sure about it because you were kind of weirded out by his new wife because you had never met her and she was some kind of heiress or something but then you meet her and she's refreshingly devoid of bullshit and lampoons the pretensions of other rich people that you meet and you have the time of your life and for awhile you resent your parents for not being them but then you realize what unique people they are and they inspire you to carve out your own niche in the world, who the fuck knows what could happen?


Posted by Carpbasman at June 24, 2004 02:13 AM
I'll get back to actually writing in a day or two...


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