Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Making Light

I don't know how I first ran across Teresa Nielson Hayden's Making Light blog, but it's an excellent read - her very long analysis today of The Writers' Collective as glorified vanity press I found very interesting. Quoting:
This latest outgrowth started with a comment posted yesterday by Charles Boyle:

You say to be wary of publishing assistance that requires payment by the author.
A group called The Writers’ Collective seems to be different.
Can you provide an opinion, please.
I said:

Yes. There’s one throbbing, luminous, mindbendingly huge distinction: this particular vanity publisher calls itself a writers’ collective. Aside from that, it’s just another vanity publisher.

TWC charges you $275 the first year and $150 each year thereafter, and calls it membership fees or dues. There’s a further charge for having your book printed—had you noticed that yet? It doesn’t matter what TWC calls itself. You’re still paying to have your book published.

Different vanity publishers have come up with a bunch of different terms for the money they want you to pay them. That’s why Yog’s Law doesn’t specify what that payment is called. It simply states, “Money should always flow toward the author.”
Lots of good analysis follows. Since most of you guys seem to be writers of some sort or another (now THERE'S a surprise!), thought it might be of some interest.


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