Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Non-Presidential Blogging (True Crime Edition)

Okay, how have we all missed this one (link courtesy BoingBoing)?
This week, a jury in Martinez, a small town outside San Francisco, will retire to consider the bizarre, brutally violent cult surrounding one Glenn Taylor Helzer, a lapsed Mormon accused of bludgeoning and dismembering five people in an elaborate extortion racket intended to hasten the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Helzer, a former stockbroker who has already pleaded guilty and faces the death penalty, exerted a charismatic hold over an eclectic group of followers including his younger brother, a former girlfriend turned Playboy centrefold model, and a self-described "good witch" who once offered to raise money for Armageddon by appearing in porn films.
You've got beheaded victims, a Playboy Playmate (September 2000), the daughter of Elvin Bishop apparently both a conspirator and a victim, the Mormon Church, rottweilers... and we're having to bloody read about this in the British press? WTF? Where the hell is Fox News?


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