Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Rockin' Parents

I'd imagine that most of the people that are likely to read this grew up with parents who grew up before rock and roll. Mom and Dad were in high school by the time Elvis and Gene Vincent and Buddy Holly and company were hitting, so they actually grew up with a different kind of music (let's put aside for a minute the fact the r 'n' r didn't just spring fully-grown from Bill Haley's head with no antecedents). My generation is the first to have been born and grow up with rock and roll from the cradle. So it was kind of cool the last couple of days to read a couple of accounts of bringing up rock and roll kids - people my age for whom rock and roll IS music raising their own.

The first was from Neil Gaiman's on-line journal as he has "the conversation" (not the one you're thinking of) with his daughter Holly. I'm not going to excerpt it - it's short, funny and very sweet, so go check it out.

The second I found via AlterNet - a description from freelance writer Marrit Ingman of overtly trying to raise a rocker. To whit:
Next was the rock-and-roll count-off. First we had to learn to count to four.

"One and two!" he'd yell.

"How about 'One, two, three, four!' "

"One and two and two!"

"What comes after two?"


"Okay, we'll work on it. Then you can experiment with funny rhythms and stuff." I was imagining Thom Yorke at the beginning of "Polyethylene."
It's stuff like this that makes me feel like we're leaving the future in good hands...


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