Thursday, June 17, 2004

Things I Think About While Running (Yuck! Edition)

"It's 6:30 in the morning and it's already 76 degrees? This is going to suck!"

"There is not a single breathable oxygen atom in this soup some like to call an atmosphere."

"Obviously no one else felt like running today because I'M the one clearing all the god-damn spiderwebs off the trail with my face!" [Every 10 frickin' feet I smack through the detritus left from Ungoliant's spawn - they might not be Shelob-sized, but there's a bunch of those suckers. Enough that I feel a little like Frodo by the time I'm through]

"15:30 at the first turn - should have made it in 14:45. Might as well be walking."

"I'll trade somebody some of these frickin' black flies for some nice friendly mosquitoes! Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?"

"Okay, stop thinking about it - pretend you're in Blowing Rock - it's October, the leaves are turning, you're running around the lake at the Cone Manor..."

"Who the hell knew it could be so bloody hot and humid in Blowing Rock in October!?! This sucks!"

Still 2/10 of a mile from home - "Screw this, I'm walking the rest of the way..."


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