Wednesday, July 07, 2004

John Edwards

I'm really enjoying hearing the wingnuts and the lazy media regurgitating the new RNC talking points about John Edwards.

He's inexperienced. Gee, they ran W for president (not vice president) with no more experience than Edwards has.

He's liberal. Only if you're a wingnut - he's pretty clearly a moderate in the opinion of anyone that isn't INSANE! His main appeal in the primaries (and one of the main reasons he's on the ticket) was to independents and anti-Bush Republicans (in states with open primaries).

He's a trial lawyer. Well, yeah (although the corporate lawyer trolls commenting in Kevin Drum's blog insisted that he's a "plaintiffs attorney" - they're all trial lawyers), let's see how much anti-Edwards feeling that generates when we start hearing about him winning a suit against a pool drain manufacturer after its known-to-be defective drain sucked the intestines out of a little girl and they offered a whole $100K to her family to settle (her medical bills and just the cost of living will run into the tens, maybe hundreds of millions).

He wouldn't have won his Senate seat back if he'd run for re-election. Say what? The guy that came out of nowhere to beat a Congressional Club-backed Republican incumbent in 1998 wouldn't have won reelection? Maybe in Bizarro North Carolina. With Liddy Dole now in office, the state Repuglican Party is so fucking desperate for someone else to run that they've dragged Bill fucking Cobey out of moth balls to run for governor. If we'd played "Dead or Alive" and his name came up, I'd have lost for sure. Who do they think would have beaten Edwards for Senate? Ms. Dole can't have both seats!

He didn't even win his own state's primary. That little gem was from House Speaker Dennis Hastert. Uh, dude, we haven't had our freaking primary yet! I heard somewhere that there was a caucus a couple of months ago after Kerry had wrapped the nomination up and that the 7 people that knew about it voted for the guy that had already won. Yeah, boy, THAT'S a resounding denunciation of Edwards.

He talks with a Southern accent. I swear to God it's true - I heard some idiot actually say that today like it was some kind of a problem. Uh, I'm guessing she hadn't noticed that the Repuglican president has been trying for years to be all Southern-y and Texan-y and rural-y when we all know he's really a New England preppy, so why this commentator thought Edwards sounding Southern would be a problem, I don't know.

The reality is that North Carolina was already starting to look only weakly in the Bush column. Edwards on the Dem ticket makes it a push. Even better, the Bush campaign has already admitted that they're changing their campaign strategy and putting more focus on the South, rather than being able to ignore it. The downside of that is that I actually thought we were going to stay pretty clear of Bush ads - looks like that won't happen now. Suddenly the Bushies are going to have to spread their ad money much more thinly across a much bigger area and Bush and Cheney themselves are going to have to have to cover a lot more territory over the next few months. Edwards has already shown that he plays well in the Midwest. I love the fact that having Edwards on the ticket now means that the Bushies will have to actually compete in a bunch of states that they thought were gimmes.

I'm actually a little excited about this! :-)


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