Friday, July 09, 2004

The NC Politics of Jim

In briefly commenting on Bill Cobey's run for the NC governor's seat in a previous post, I realized that a long chapter in North Carolina gubernatorial politics has apparently ended. For the last quarter of the 20th century, it didn't matter whether you were a Republican or a Democrat - the race was between the Jims and the Not-Jims and the Jims won every time. Between Jim Holshouser and Jim Hunt and Jim Martin (note that he used to be known more as James Martin until he ran for governor) and that Jim Hunt guy again, we had 28 years of all Jim, all the time. It was even to the point that the diminutive wasn't enough - Jimmy Green was never able to rise above the post of Lt. Governor because he just wasn't Jim enough (or maybe because he was a freaking idiot - hard to say).

I don't know what happened to allow a Mike to sit at the governor's desk - one wonders if his lack of Jimosity is at least in part responsible for his low profile these last four years. Maybe he's a bit embarrassed by his dearth of Jimness. The good thing is that the Repuglicans haven't picked up on this yet, as their contenders are Bill, Richard, Patrick, Dan, George and Fern (Fern?!). If Ms. Shubert started referring to herself as Jim instead of Fern, no doubt she'd be a shoe-in. I'm firmly convinced that if I changed my name to Jim and had lip-reduction surgery (look at a couple of pictures of Hunt and Holshouser and you'll know what I'm talking about) that I could be the next governor of North Carolina. I'm just not sure I want the demotion.


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