Monday, July 12, 2004

Random Thoughts

Light blogging lately - I actually wrote a bit on my inspiration for running while using the wireless hot spot at the Bean Trader in Meadowmont while JennySlash and her mom were walking at the Wellness Center, but it was basically shite so I saved it as a draft until I could read it again. I did. It's gone now.

The surfing from the hot spot was kinda cool - since I spend all day working from home, I've not had too many occasions to check out any of the hot spots around town. Maybe I'll start a hot spot review. Even Woody's has wireless connectivity now, although I can honestly say that I've never seen anyone in there with a laptop. Syd's (JennySlash's salon-of-choice) just added a hot spot as well, so you can surf while you wait.

Many of you are vaguely aware that I've had this on-going project for the past year or so to rip all (or at least a good bit) of my old vinyl and write them out to audio CDs. Progress has been a bit slow lately due to the photography stuff and the blogging stuff (and work stuff), but I did manage to get the Fine Young Cannibals debut done a few days ago and added a few bonus cuts from The Raw and the Remixed (I never actually bought The Raw and the Cooked). There are lots of cool stories about the formation of the band, like Cox and Steele only finding out that Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger had broken up the English Beat when their accountant called them to settle the books. Or the two of them auditioning [insert large number here] singers before finally pursuing (and landing) the extraordinary Roland Gift. If you only know them from She Drives Me Crazy, you owe it to yourself to find a copy of the self-titled first album, with Johnny Come Home, Couldn't Care More and an absolutely flawless cover of Suspicious Minds. Next up is X's Wild Gift and More Fun in the New World.

Most of you that are from North Carolina are aware of John Edwards' role in the Valerie Lakey case against Sta-Rite. Mr. Sun blogged a bit about Edwards and that case and received a comment purported to be from Ms. Lakey. I like his response to the obvious internal question of whether this was really her or not:
If this is a hoax, it's too subtle to trip my alarms and I'm not yet jaded enough to be that defensive. I'm okay with being a little foolhearted to avoid being completely coldhearted.
I'm with Mr. Sun - if it's a hoax, it's a very well-written (and seemingly well-meaning) hoax but given what JennySlash has heard Valerie's mother say about Edwards, I tend to believe that it was her. It's worth a read (and Mr. Sun is pretty much always worth a read). There's also a nice Michael Duffy piece on Edwards in Time that is still available for free on-line. I found the following bit in reference to his son's death and Edwards' Senate race to be pretty interesting:
Edwards told consultants he would fire - —and then sue - —them if they used Wade's death during the campaign.
The more I find out about this guy, the more I like him.


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