Monday, July 05, 2004

Working Sucks

One of the things that these little one-day holidays remind me is how much working sucks. I don't mean that work itself sucks - that really depends on one's job at any given time and currently mine's pretty okay. It's the working itself that sucks because I've got so many other things I'd rather be doing that I seem to never (or at least seldom) have time for. Three-day weekends in particular bring this point home as they hold out this promise of not having to work but I usually just wind up catching up on the stuff I don't get done during the week or I'm paralyzed with indecision - which of the forty-leven things I want to do can I actually get to this weekend? I'd much rather:
- spend more time with JennySlash
- spend more time with my folks in the NC mountains
- spend more time with my sister and her family in Charlotte
- spend more time with Lex and Ann and Pete and Kel and Ginny and David (and those are just the friends that we DO manage to see occasionally
- make new friends
- spend more time with my extended family in Nashville, Huntsville and elsewhere
- do much more photography
- finish my project to digitize all my old vinyl
- run more, bicycle more, kayak more, hike more
- read more
- take graduate courses
- write more (oddly enough)
- go hear more live music
- see more plays
- go to more museums
- go places I've never been (Key West, Seattle, the Bahamas, Australia)
- go back to places I've barely been (San Francisco, Boston, London, Germany)
- visit places that I love but haven't been in awhile (DC, Nashville, Orlando, Ottawa)
- spend more time exploring the NC coast and mountains
- sleep more
- finally finish Tomb Raider (the game, not the movie)
- learn to bartend (not just beertend)
- learn to scuba dive
- fix the motorcycle and ride
- teach myself more about Linux, web authoring and other technologies
- go to Busch Gardens, Carowinds, Universal Studios - ride more rollercoasters!
- really learn to play golf
- go mountain biking at Tsali
- go rafting on the Nantahala
- hike the Appalachian Trail (at least a good chunk of it)
And none of this is the big stuff! This is just the stuff you want to do that shouldn't take all that much planning or foresight - that I feel like I ought to be able to work into my life without a lot of trouble, but work gets in the way. What little time I have after work mostly gets chewed up by the things you have to do to live - buying groceries, cutting the grass, paying the bills, walking the dog (I would have added "cleaning the house" but we all know better than that).

We've all played that game of what we'd do if we won the lottery - I've also had the extension to that conversation about how much you'd have to win before you quit your job. Lemme tell you - it wouldn't take much!


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