Monday, July 25, 2005

I Am So Uncool

No surprise to you, I'm sure, but today's reminder of that fact was my realization that I have no bloody idea who in the hell Coldplay is. Their third album came out a few weeks ago to a lot of music media fanfare and I see Chris Martin's face on the cover of various mags on the newsstand at Borders but I couldn't have named a single song of theirs.

So I poked around on Amazon a bit listening to the little samples of their first two CDs and I'll have to put myself in the Seriously Underwhelmed category. Am I missing something or is it really all whiny emo crap? I mean it sounded like pretty well-done whiny emo crap but my tolerance for even the most awesome whiny emo crap is pretty limited. Somebody let me know if there's more to it than that.

Of course my hope lies in thinking that since the third album immediately hit #1 on the charts of 22 different countries, any cool factor they had must be gone now, so maybe by not even knowing who the fuck they are, I'm that much cooler!


At 12:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't heard the first Coldplay album, but the second (A Rush of Blood to the Head) grew on me quite thoroughly after the first few plays, particularly "Green Eyes," "Warning Sign," (which was used in a Buffy episode), and "The Scientist." The single, "Clocks" struck me as rather dull, but I can live with it.

Generally, they fall in the spectrum between U2 and Radiohead for me; less peculiar creative than the latter, but perhaps more accessible.

And yes, "Speed of Sound," the first single from X&Y is also far less interesting than the rest of the album, at least so far.

At 12:10 AM, Blogger mapgirl said...

Amen, brother. I don't really get Coldplay ... nor Radiohead. This eventually led to the end of a fledgling relationship for me. One of those intermusic deals that was destined to fail!


At 9:08 AM, Blogger Tony Plutonium said...

Heh - I could always handle relationships with people that were not passionate about music much better than those with people who were passionate about music that I thought sucked.

Luckily, JennySlash hates music... :-)

At 1:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, mapgirl, as they say, YMMV, at least as far as Radiohead goes.

Back when it came out, I thought OK Computer was the best album of the 1990s. Eight years later, I still do.

But I'm generally more easy-going about varied musical tastes than I am about, say, TV. I've never yet understood why people were amused by Seinfeld, and the ones who were seem really irritated by the fact that I wasn't.


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