Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Loved One

As JennySlash was looking up movies and books on a website specializing in hard-to-find ones, she asked me if there were any movies that I wanted her to look for. I immediately answered "The Loved One", despite being relatively certain that it still has not been released to DVD. I vaguely think I remember seeing it on television some Saturday afternoon many, many years ago but the only time I can say for certain is when we rented it from Visart (VHS of course) a dozen or so years ago - I was blown away (while J pretty much hated it). If you haven't seen it, it's a pretty relentlessly dark comedy about the British ex-pat colony in Hollywood, the funeral biz, death, life, bourgeousie and a bunch of other stuff. Shit, a Terry "Dr. Strangelove" Southern screenplay of an Evelyn Waugh novel? Gotta be good. It's probably the only thing that I've ever seen Jonathan Winters in that I liked. Add in Rod Steiger, Dana Andrews, Liberace, Tab Hunter, Robert Morley, Robert Morse, John Gielgud, Milton Berle, Roddy McDowell, Chick Hearn (Chick Hearn?!?!?!) and you've gotcherself one of the weirdest freak-outs I've ever seen.

Of course I was unfortunately right - it is yet to be released to DVD despite the occasional cries for it on the Internet(s). If you still have an old VCR gathering dust in your entertainment center, it's worth checking your local vid store to see if they're cool enough to have a copy.


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