Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Western NC Representin'

Mom and Dad have never made any secret of their disdain for their House rep, Charlie Taylor. Here's a good reason why:
Suspension of Davis-Bacon to facilitate the rebuilding of the devastated Gulf Coast was the right judgment call. Hurricane Katrina stands as the worst natural disaster in our nation's history. As public and private resources are marshalled at unprecedented levels to assist its victims, now is the time to put aside matters of political self-interest and instead focus on rebuilding as a nation. No one could rationally argue that the victims of hurricane should be forced to wait for months, if not years, in temporary shelters while the Washington labor union bosses flex their special interest muscles. Congress built into the Davis-Bacon Act the power to set aside its prevailing wage provisions at times of the most dire of national emergencies -- even the most selfish union apologists must agree that the victims of Hurricane Katrina deserve such consideration at this moment. [emphasis added by me]
Oh my fucking God. If I ever had any doubt that Taylor was as much of an asshat as my folks have made him out to be, it is firmly laid to rest. Karl Rove is running the show and Halliburton is getting the choice bids and this motherfucker is worried about unions? In Mississippi? That's so incredibly off-yer-ass that I'm almost speechless. If he came right out and said "everybody in my district is either a toothless inbred yokel or a stoned Asheville hippy so I can say whatever the fuck I want to say" it would be no more ballsy than that.


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