Friday, October 21, 2005

On the Boob Tube - Wednesday Edition

There's only one, but it's a damn good one!

Invasion - 10:00 pm (ABC)

This is the show I was most looking forward to this season and it has in no way disappointed. Damn, it's good. I've really loved Canadian actress Kari Matchett in the Nero Wolfe shows and she's very good (and very creepy) in this one. Yeah, it moves slowly, but it's unfolding quickly enough to keep my interest (unlike, say, Lost or 24). There are a lot of characters but they've been introduced efficiently so that there's no confusion over who's who in the zoo. The main thing is that the creep factor is very high but it's done primarily with a raised eyebrow, a glance after someone walking away, a half-heard phone call - definitely not relying on blood and gore. There are no stars (or at least I've only seen some of the principals in minor roles in other shows - JS had to point out that Sherrif Tom is played by the guy that played Brett Butler's least objectional boyfriend in Grace Under Fire) which is probably a good thing (no distractions) and it doesn't read as an ensemble cast since it's rare that more than 3 of the main characters are in the same place at the same time, but the show is oddly as much about relationships as it is the weird shit going down after the hurricane. By far my favorite new drama.

4.5 bleary eyes out of 5

New shows I'm not watching - Veronica Mars and E-Ring - both sound interesting but I can't watch everything. And I'm still not watching Lost, although I've tried. I have to say that it reminds me of a Robert Jordan novel - 800 pages into it and you realize that absolutely fucking nothing has happened.


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