Friday, December 02, 2005

Not The Best of Times, Not the Worst of Times

I will be quite happy to see the ass-end of this week. After such a wonderful, restful week at the Outer Banks over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was not prepared for this. A bad cold (or allergy attack - I sometimes can't tell which) that has given me a wracking cough, my everyday PC starting to spontanteously reboot and now will not come up at all (I was about to hit send on a reply to your email, mapgirl, when the system breathed its last - sorry!), the anticipation of a termination notice coming today for all of us on this account as the customer is taking the service back in-house but mostly the worry about my best little buddy Damien, who has a fast-growing, nasty-looking growth on his mouth and went in for surgery Thursday amid cautions from the vet of how quickly these things usually spread. Ack!

I didn't want to post any of this until I could do so with a little less downage, so now that we're reaching the end of the week things are definitely looking up. The really good news is that the vet called late yesterday and while they wanted to keep him overnight, Damien came through the surgery well, they removed the growth as well as a probably unrelated lump from his left side and his x-rays showed nothing in his chest. Both lumps are being sent to the lab with results coming mid-week. I know he's likely going to have reoccurrences but my main fear that we were going to have to make some tough decisions right now are allayed and he's coming home this evening. Almost as good, my boss let me know yesterday that he's got more than enough work on other accounts for me and that he's gotten my termination notice cancelled. I expected it to be rescinded later regardless, but Lord knows I'd rather not get it in the first place! The computer thing is still a problem (I'm using the computer I built specially for photo processing and my vinyl audio rips to do this - I don't want to turn it into a general-purpose machine) but I went out to Best Buy to pick up a replacement power supply (I'm pretty sure that's the problem) and realized that for an additional 20 bucks I could get a spiffy new shiny black Antec case so now instead of a reclamation project I've got something fun to do Sunday while it rains all day! Still coughing my head off (didn't get much sleep last night) but these things usually run their course in a week so I'm anticipating feeling a lot better by Sunday.

This is all by way of apologizing for being a bit self-absorbed the last couple of months - between the studio tour, the much-needed rest last week and with the yuckiness of this week, I haven't raised my head up very often to look beyond what's happening within a hundred feet of wherever I am. I think it's time to get back in touch with the rest of the world.


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