Thursday, December 22, 2005

Overheard in New York

This is the time of year when things finally start to slow down at work. You'd kinda think that would start happening around the 15th, but given the way our fiscal calendar is structured, we freak out for another few days working on budget stuff until finally a couple of days before the holiday we start to chill if for no other reason than half the people we need things from are already gone.

So it's usually a good time to do a little web surfing, maybe go through my bookmarks of stuff I thought was funny when I saw and see if a) it's still out there and b) it's still funny.

This shit is. It can be raw and sexist and racist and homophobic and anti-Semitic because people can be raw and sexist and racist and all of those things, but what brings us together is that we're a bunch of freakin' loonies and goofballs. For example:

Waiter: May I take your orders, or do you need a few more minutes?
Guy: Um, we had a waitress come by and take our drink orders...
Waiter: Yes, well, I can take your food order if you're ready.
Guy: What happened to our waitress?
Waiter: She quit.

--Aquavit, East 55th Street

If that doesn't grab you, the mondo-bizarro Kikkoman cartoon is still out there, along with the translation from Japanese provided by verthandi. Truly has to be seen to be believed.

He came from Planet Soybean,
What a stylish fellow, that Kikkoman!
Soy sauce is good for you.
It also works as a disinfectant.
It's not that damned sauce or ketchup!
His deadly attack is Kikko Beam!
Have fun and don't work too hard!


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