Friday, October 07, 2005

It's Millah Time!

I'm going to sneak out a little early today and beat tracks for the mountains, to celebrate my 45th birthday and my nephew's 18th. There's a hell of a lot of stuff going on this weekend - there always seems to be this time of year. I particularly hate missing the ConvergeSouth blogger happening in Greensboro taking place throughout the weekend. The Rolling Stones concert at Wallace Wade Stadium and the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival in Silk Hope are of interest as well, although it looks like both of them will be quite soggy (yes, thank heavens we're finally starting to get some rain!). I also need to go see Serenity again before it's too late, but we'll have to schedule that for next week.

So whatever your interests, have a great weekend! If you're a Fed employee or a Canadian, then have a great LONG weekend! Catch you on the flip side...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Planning Thanksgiving Dinner?

Tired of the same old terducken for Thanksgiving? How about pythigator?

Python Bursts After Trying to Eat Gator

If the alligator had just swallowed a turtle, would we then have pythigooter?

Speaking of terducken, I actually saw frozen terducken at the Teeter last week - too weird.

We're fans of Tofurkey - think they'll come out with Tofurducken?

Hang in there, baby!

First of all, these are not my pictures. Nor are they Dad's, although he has a similar rig and has similar results with his local ursine population. These were taken near Staunton, Virginia and posted to the Carolina Birds list (and forwarded to me by Dad) - sorry I can't credit the photographer. Proof positive that bears are at least as smart as squirrels...

Sunday, October 02, 2005


No spoilers here - just go see the damn thing so we can talk about it! I believe it's everything that we Whedon fans wanted as well as being a movie that people coming into it cold will enjoy as well. Just go.

Good Football Weekend

I've mentioned this before, but it still astounds me that my old high school, that amassed a less-than-sterling record of 8-25 while I was there, hasn't lost a game since 2000 and has won 5 straight NC state championships. Just amazing.

That almost came to an end Friday night, when Providence jumped on Independence for 28 points in the first quarter and it took a field goal with time expiring for the my Pats to win their 83rd game in a row, 45-42.

With the kind of turnover that high school teams obviously have, these kinds of dynasties usually revolve around a particular head coach, in this case Tom Knotts. Knotts coached them to the first 4 championships before leaving for an assistant coaching job at Duke. His successor was his long time assistant, who won last year's championship but immediately then left to build a program at a new high school. Knotts came back to Indepenedence where I'm guessing he won't plan on leaving again anytime soon.

Then Saturday the Heels managed to stumble their way through to a win over Utah, the team against whom last year we set a record for most yards given up (669). This year the defense forced 5 Ute turnovers, which was a good thing since after the opening kickoff touchdown we didn't manage more than a field goal the rest of the first half, despite a number of good chances. Baker managed to get the passing game on track in the second half, but the running game that appeared to be improving last week managed less than 100 yards for the game.

At Louisville next week - if we can get the running and passing games both going at the same time, the final score could be 63-62 or something. Louisville has scored over 60 twice this season but their defense is suspect. They're a Top 25 team but are certainly vulnerable if we can get our act together in the first half instead of waiting until after halftime to start playing the game.