Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Very Cool Birthday Haul!

Despite getting behind the 50 car pileup on I-40 Friday evening (we eventually turned around having never gotten as far as Graham and headed back to CH for dinner at Margaret's Cantina) and apparently being allergic to something at Mom's house (the drive home Sunday was miserable) I had a great birthday weekend! Dinner at Foxfire in Spruce Pine was awesome as usual (check it out if you're up there - it's on 226 between downtown and the Parkway - tell Robin that Don's son sent ya). And Dad outdid himself in the goodie department. Check this out:

A cap from
The Bicycle Inn autographed by the proprietor - Dad's friend Michael Davis.

An autographed book of artwork by Dad's friend
Harvey Littleton (we've been a huge fan of his glass pieces since seeing some of them at the Mint Museum in Charlotte 20 years ago).

An baseball autographed by Hall of Fame pitcher (and Dad's friend)
Gaylord Perry, the first guy to win the Cy Young in both AL and NL.

If you're getting the impression that Dad has met (hell, has become friends with) every person worth knowing that's ever set foot in Yancey or Mitchell County, you're probably right.

Oh, as an extra added bonus, I also got a napkin autographed by Jim Perry. No, not Gaylord Perry's pitching sibling - Jim Perry of "Card Sharks" and "$ale of the Century". He happened to be in Foxfire so... score.

So thanks, guys!