Thursday, September 07, 2006

September is /* fill in the blank */ Month

After the last year (losing the account that I worked with for years, JennySlash being sick through the holidays, loss of our pup, the stressful spring and summer sojourn to Chicago), I've decided that
September is Fun Month!
I think I deserve a little fun after all of this. Of course, with the new job I'm really having fun and want to make this new gig work well. So maybe instead I should be thinking that
September is Get to Work Month!
That's not a bad thing, except that work has really kept me from getting any damn photography done at all since the tour last fall. I've taken some but I really have to get my ass in gear and get things ready for this year's tour and maybe the Carolina Club show (since I actually sold something there last year) so really I think
September is Photography Month!
On the fourth hand, I haven't seen my family since Memorial Day weekend and have barely seen J's Mom even though she lives in the same town. So I'd like to think that
September is Family Month!
but that's probably not going to happen. Weekends are already getting pretty packed which is making it tough to get my workouts in. In fact, after losing 60 pounds 5 years ago, I've now put back on over half of it. This driving in to work crap is making it almost impossible to get my runs in and the gym that J is a member of has a waiting list to join. I've got to find a way to lose this gut, so I guess
September is Physical Fitness Month!
I suppose the reality is that
September is Life-As-Usual Month!
Honestly? That's not so bad.


At 10:57 PM, Blogger mapgirl said...

For me, September is vacation month! Counting the days.

October is my / / month -- usually a time of great planning and renewal. Or at least wishful thinking.

Enjoy September!



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