Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Courtin' Songs

While thinking about our wedding anniversary last week, I did some looking around on Youtube for the videos that they used to play on the screens at Cagney's on DuPont Circle and between sets at the 9:30 Club when we were becoming engaged in DC. We didn't have cable (although there were more broadcast opportunities to see music vids in 1984 than there are now) but Cagney's was a regular hangout and we usually managed to get out to the 9:30 once every couple of weeks.

The songs that make us make mooshy faces at each other when they pop up on the radio are hardly yer traditional love songs. If there was anything that was "our song", it would have been either the Psychedelic Furs' Heaven or Talk Talk's It's My Life:

Other goodies I turned up were both the "banned" version and the "Body Double" version of Relax, the long version of Depeche Mode's People are People, Tears for Fears' Pale Shelter and our favorite at the time - Icicle Works' Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream):

Whatever happened to music videos, anyway?



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