Sunday, April 09, 2006

Taking a Break

It's time to make official what you've likely already guessed and announce that Half-Life and Times is taking a little break. Well, actually probably more of a three month or so break. I expect that I'll start cranking things back up again this summer, but my current work assignment has me so heads-down that the DeLay announcement barely got my attention and it wasn't until days later that I found out that Sendek was leaving State. Clearly I'm too focused on other stuff. If you've got my RSS feed bookmarked, then it'll tell you when I'm back - otherwise come see me around, oh, June-ish.

However, as some of you already know, I am occasionally blogging more anonymously in part about what's going on with this work thing. If you're interested (and you don't already know what I'm talking about), pop me an email at half-lifeblog at earthlink dot net and I'll send you the link if I think you can keep a secret! :-D

I'm not gone forever, but I'm gone for awhile...