Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bizarro World

The pres vetoes a bill to expand federal funding of stem cell research using embryos from fertility clinics with the donors' consent in order to "protect" them so that they can be thrown in the trash. Great news for all of us who have, have family or friends that have or may someday have any number of diseases that it is believed stem cell research could find cures for.

"Me Bizarro Tony Plutonium! Think this am good so little embryos can grow up to be landfill!"

The House passes legislation that would "deny jurisdiction to federal courts, and appellate jurisdiction to the Supreme Court, to decide questions pertaining to the interpretation or constitutionality of the pledge." (USA Today)

"Bizarro Tony Plutonium say this important work by Congress! All those little atheists and Muslims and Buddhists and Roman Catholics and Mormons and Hindus and Shintoists and Zoroastrians and Druids and Wiccas have to pray to our Christian God! It the law!"

The District of Columbia announced what was being cut back in anti-terrorism measures since their funding has been cut by 40% over last year.

"Everyone in Bizarro World knows that Indiana has all the terrorist targets! This good use of Bizarro tax dollars!"

Just f$#%$king shoot me.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fine, Fine, Everywhere a Fine...

So do you think the stations that carried Chimpy's unexpergated conversation with Chimpy 2 (i.e. Blair) will get the $325K FCC fine for indecency? Shit no. Probably a much more appropriate use of the fine to hit him for the inevitable veto of the stem cell research bill. A veto there is truly obscene.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Things I Think About While Running - Holy Crap Edition

"Holy crap I'm out of shape!"
"Damn my knee hurts!"
"Holy crap I'm out of shape!"
"Damn my knee hurts!"
"Holy crap I'm... hey, the live version of Homicide on Urgh! A Music War is much better than this studio version!"
"Damn my knee hurts!"

My previous work assignment, which is ending in the next couple of weeks, has resulted in me really losing my stamina as well as packing on an additional 6-7 pounds. While I don't expect the workload to decrease as I move into my new assignment, I have to do something to get my lungs and legs back. J has been a member of the UNC Wellness Center out at Meadowmont and since this new gig is going to include me going back to commuting to the office, making it difficult to run before work, we're probably going to make that a family membership so that I can stop on the way home to run or lift.

I don't expect my posting frequency to be all that high for awhile but I'm psyched about cranking this sucker back up!