Saturday, October 21, 2006

Animated Hotness

Is it wrong that I think the pink-haired cartoon chick from the Esurance ads is hot?

At least it's less oogie than lusting after Kim Possible.

Which of course I never have.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sweet Tooth

Despite having inherited a horrible sweet tooth from my mother, I'm actually pretty good about candy. I realized tonight that there's a Cadbury egg in the fridge left over from Easter... of 2005. We've got Christmas candy in a dish in the living room that is at least two years old. I've got some chocolate-covered cherries and other fruit from A Southern Season that I got for myself while Christmas shopping last year - still a few left.

So why can I not restrain myself when it comes to candy corn? Every year I pick up some corn as soon as it comes out, usually along with either a whole bag of candy punkins or an "autumn mix" which includes candy corn, punkins and "Indian" corn ("we call it 'maize'" - the difference being that instead of white-orange-yellow, it's white-orange-brown). And once purchased, I cannot stop eating that stuff! I'll be pretty good about not opening the bag, but once it's opened, that's all she wrote. So this year, since I'm in an office again, I picked up a decorative plastic Halloween bowl and took it and the large bag of candy corn to work, figuring that my office mates would eat it. That has worked to some extent - my boss in particular is a fan and has wandered in a couple of times to grab a handful. The problem though is that every time he does that, I have to grab a handful too (I don't know why, I just do - okay?) and that turns into two or three handfuls. The other problem is that now I think my boss expects it, so I'll be purchasing more of the evil seeds between now and Halloween. Ack.

I had to just stop buying ice cream to take home. I cannot resist its cold creamy charms. The only time I ever bring it home is when I'm sick - it's my special little treat to myself. But I got smart this evening - I went for the lime sherbert instead. The whole damn tub is only 800 calories (as opposed to the 47,923 calories in a pint of Ben and Jerry's) so restraint is not called for this time. And I know it's spelled s-h-e-r-b-e-t but I grew up calling it sherbert so sherbert it is, dammit!

JennySlash overheard someone this weekend trying to describe the flavor of candy corn to someone (obviously from another planet) that had never had it. The best she could come up with was "it tastes like candy corn". She's right - candy corn tastes like nothing else. Now let's hear her try to describe the taste of Peeps.

Claritin Unclear*

Picked up a bunch of bales of pine straw Sunday to use first as Halloween decorations and then as God intended it. My aim is to scare the bejeezus out of the little monsters this year, so I finally did my sister proud and got a fog machine and bought a couple of tombstones and a gargoyle from Target. That will go with the strobe light I've had for awhile (the red filter looks like a bordello, the blue light cops and the yellow like a bug light, so I'll probably go green) and the lighted bones and skulls. I also got a sound-activated spider that drops and then slowly climbs back up its web, but I'm actually afraid that some kid will freak and fall off the porch if I'm not careful with it.

Naturally after throwing the pine straw around, my mold allergies kicked in and I've been miserable ever since. I tried taking Claritin last night (thinking that it would help me sleep and at least get me through the work day) but it was pretty much worn off by 10am and unfortunately I had a face-to-face meeting with the customer at 2pm. Yuck.

* or Murdered by Pine Straw

Monday, October 16, 2006

Photo Website is Updated

In getting ready for the OCAG tour in November, I've finally updated my photography website. Yes, the stuff marked "new" really IS new for a change! I've got other stuff that I'm trying to get ready to print and frame, but I at least wanted to get a few of the pictures from Chicago up. I'm a long, long, LONG way away from being ready, but I did have the foresight to take the week before the first weekend off to prepare. Tomorrow I have to drop off something for each of us at the Arts Center - they'll be up there from October 29th through the tour. I'm hanging "Currituck Light (Interior)" this year, despite the fact that it's not dissimilar (in feel, not in technique) to the kind of thing that John Rosenthal and Alan Dehmer will probably have up. I had "Time for Pants!" up last year and got lots of positive comments when people came by the house, but you just never know. The Currituck Light interior shot is one of those that I can honestly say that I did everything to get it (framing, settings, time of day, etc.) and I actually got it - unlike my more usual happy accidents - so I kinda like having it out there.

We're doing the Carolina Club members artshow again this year - there are only a few of us that tend to show there every year, but hey, we've both sold things there so why not? I don't think it hurts that it's up at the same time as the tour, so that's yet another place for us to advertise if nothing else. And there's some pretty remarkable artwork in that show from people that I otherwise would never have heard of - that's the most fun part!