Monday, March 05, 2007

Bill Simmons Gets It

Via Ed Cone, Bill Simmons get it exactly right in his Page Two blogpost today. In addition to slagging Billy FudgePacker (we need MORE of that) and doing a great Coach Rat impression had the situation been reversed, he also had this to say about the two centers:

but at least Hansbrough should evolve into a more polished version of a Madsen/Scalabrine-type bench player, one of those tough cookies who knows his limitations and doesn't do anything he can't do. McRoberts? Not a chance. He's like a homeless man's Darko Milicic. And that's not a compliment.

I'm not convinced that he's right about Hansbrough not being an NBA starter, although guys like Pete Chilcutt and Joe Wolf made a good living playing 12-15 minutes a game backing up their teams' centers and power forwards and NBA coaches will not mind at all looking down the bench and seeing a tough guy like Hansbrough ready to come in. But I think Tyler's good enough and tough enough and works hard enough that he's going to make a difference in the pros (particularly if he continues to work on his outside shot). I just hope we don't find out for another couple of years.



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