Wednesday, March 14, 2007

US Attorney Scandal

There's not much I can add to the administration's politicizing of the US Attorneys that others aren't writing better. What is interesting to me (outrage fatigue is getting to me in regards to the scandal itself) is that while there have been other stories that have broken first in the blogosphere, most of them have been relatively inconsequential or trumped up. This is different. I think it's very different. And it may finally cause the downfall of the Attorney General (yes, he should have been fired long, long ago, but I'll take whatever reason works). And the reason there are hearings being held on Capitol Hill is essentially the blogs, most particularly Josh Marshall at TalkingPointsMemo. This goes much deeper and is much bigger than anyone in the MSM was willing to think, despite what should now be common knowledge when dealing with this administration - never think that it couldn't be as bad as it looks. It's worse, no matter what.



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