Friday, June 01, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend - Part Two

I've mentioned before that I actually have an office in DC (it's freaking huge and I use it about 1 day every couple of weeks). In the picture above, the buidling on the right is the US Treasury and the building on the left is Metropolitan Square with a blue circle roughly where my office is, overlooking G Street. On the side of the building facing the Treasury is Old Ebbit Grill - a Washington landmark known for its oysters.
I mentioned Rolling Thunder - there were at least a bazillion bikes in town for the weekend. 99.8% of them were Harleys of all shapes and sizes although I did see one (and only one) crotch rocket.

While we were eating dinner Friday night, the White House helicopter was practicing touch-and-go landings - over and over and over. We didn't know that what was going on at first - J was convinced that Jenna was having a party while the 'rents were at Camp David for the weekend and was having kegs flown in, while I thought the family had just left and they were coming back because Laura thought she'd left the iron on.



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