Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sweet Relief

Today we could actually breathe. After 7 straight days of highs of at least 97 degrees and three days in a row of 100+ temps, today's 87 or so humid degrees was downright pleasant. I didn't have it so bad since I at least had a cool office to go into, but J was stuck at home and our system is incapable of cooling the house more than 20 degrees below the outside temperature. Sure enough, the last couple of days as the temperatute outside rose to 103, 104 degrees, the thermostats in the house were reading as high as 82 (and there were parts of the house that were definitely higher). J did a great job of trying to keep it regulated, covering any window that didn't have curtains, keeping lights off, etc. But when the overnight low is 78 or 79 degrees, it's tough.

In addition to my escape into the office every day, I had an unexpected night in a hotel in Northern Virginia after my flight home from DC Thursday was cancelled. This was supposed to be one of my day trips up and back to meet with my customer, but my 5:30 return was originally delayed until almost 7pm and then was cancelled. I managed to get through on the cellphone and get booked on a 7:30 for Friday morning, then stood in line at a couple of different airlines to try to get out that night. While standing in lines with the rest of the sheeple, I worked the cellphone, first trying to find a rental car so that I could drive home (gave up after 4 firms said they had nothing) and then trying to secure a hotel room so that I didn't end up sleeping in National. Luckily I was able to get something in the Marriott Crystal Gateway just one Metro stop north of the airport (and by luck my favorite hotel) and got there in time to drop off my briefcase and head up one more stop to Pentagon City to hit Macy's for something to wear on Friday. So I actually got a decent meal at the lobby bar and a cool night's sleep while J was sweltering at home.

Looks like after another upper 80's day tomorrow, we're back into upper 90's for the rest of the week. Guess we'd better get used to it, huh?



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