Saturday, September 29, 2007


I'm not sure how long close losses are going to be satisfying for the Tar Heel faithful, but it's hard to feel too bad at this point with this young team getting within 1 touchdown in Blacksburg. It was great to see the defense really step up for a change and I saw some promising things in the early protection of Yates (didn't last the whole game but the Hokies are huge and fast). Before the season started I thought 5-6 was a good guess and that 6-5 was not out of reach and I still think they're capable of winning at least three more games, but that's only if they can keep their heads up after playing Miami and South Carolina the next two weeks. True, both are at home and a much better UNC team beat a much, much better Miami team here three years ago, but I'm guessing they'll go into the second half of October at 1-6.

The good thing is that in freshmen like Yates, Austin and Houston, you can see a really strong team just waiting to emerge - if Davis can keep them looking forward and not let them get discouraged, we're going to be a very good football team in a couple of years.



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