Saturday, February 10, 2007


Home again, home again...

Back after a crazy week - left on a 7am flight on Tuesday to Las Vegas via Salt Lake City, spent a few hours with my peeps and my customer, caught a few hours of sleep before taking a 6am flight back through Salt Lake City to Eugene, Oregon, rented a car to drive up to Corvallis, spent a few hours with my peeps and my customer, caught the Duke-Carolina (men's) game with a couple of my coworkers, caught a few hours of sleep then drove back to Eugene, flew back through SLC and finally got home just before midnight Thursday night (mercifully missing the Duke-Carolina women's game). I actually felt much less wiped out today than I expected, but I also feel a little overwhelmed since I didn't get a damn bit of work done on the planes. Actually I read Stephen King's Cell basically in one day - not because it was good, but because it was a fast read. If you haven't read it, think The Stand Lite (I liked The Stand and thought The Dead Zone was a great piece of fiction, but he lost from with Cujo on). I wouldn't recommend it.

After three trips through, I've figured out where the restaurants and restrooms are in the Salt Lake City airport. There's a pretty view of the snow-covered mountains from the terminals if you've gotta be there for awhile. The Eugene airport is pretty tiny but they're the only one I've run into so far that's got free Wi-Fi throughout. They're not kidding when they tell you that the Vegas airport has slot machines literaly as soon as you stop off the plane - there are clusters of them every few feet.

I still don't feel like I've been to Vegas - I spent the afternoon in the office on the UNLV campus, drove about 500 yards to a cheap motel between a strip club and the back of Hard Rock Resort and Casino, walked to the restaurant on the other side of the strip club for dinner then back to the airport and home. Didn't even have time to cruise the strip, but I could see the MGM, Mandalay Bay and New York, New York from the airport. One of the guys I work with came over to the motel while I checked in so we could go grab a bite - the clerk looked us over, said "One King bed?", mentioned the strip club next door as an option for dinner (we declined) and then handed me two room keys. Took me a few minutes for it to hit me what was implied - I got a huge kick out of it but I haven't decided whether to mention it to my "partner" or not...


Thursday, February 08, 2007


I'll have some updates this weekend (and hopefully a new Half-Life Radio ep) - lots happening at work right now that isn't ended but I'm at least going to try to take a deep breath this weekend.