Thursday, March 15, 2007

What a Difference a Year Makes

I realized a couple of days ago that this week is the anniversary of the beginning of my sojourn to Chicago last year - the week between the ACC Tournament and the Big Dance. The Chicago blog is still out there - I'll archive it one of these days in case Blogger eats it. The main thing I remember about the first couple of weeks there (other than the cold) is trying to find places to watch both the Carolina men's and women's teams in the tournament.

There's a lot that I miss about Chicago. And a lot that I regret not having time or making time to do. But I'm truly looking forward to spring in NC, which I really missed last year. And to actually being able to watch some hoops!



I guess it's the weather - it's been critter week outside my office window all week. Monday it was what appeared to be a very pregnant doe running past my window twice (in the same direction - I guess she'd wandered back once without me noticing) and the first great blue heron I've seen landing at the edge of the muddy pond/lake/whatever right outside the office.

Tuesday is was just a big old yellow cat hunting in the woods between the building and the lake.

Wednesday it was lots of birds, as it's been all week. Lots of cardinals and a number of blue jays.

Today it was a huge red-tailed hawk flying nearby (and trying to avoid a really annoying smaller bird) and a red-bellied woodpecker (yeah, I know it's head is much redder than it's belly but that's what they call them).

I'm still not a fan of commuting in to an office, but the scenery's pretty damn cool.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Number 1 Seed as the Underdog?

I'm not complaining that virtually every talking head on Selection Sunday and most of the pundits since then have picked Georgetown to win the East Regional. There seems to be a general feeling that UNC won't get past Kevin Durant (whether or not the rest of the Longhorns show up) and if somehow Rick Barnes' lack of coaching skills somehow overcomes Durant's talent and UNC wins, they'll fall to the hot Hoyas.

Bring it on, guys! The more the merrier! I love that locker room bulletin board stuff and this seems to be a team that will lose if it gets complacent. I feel pretty good about our chances despite the fact the the East appears to be the toughest region - hell, one of the reasons it's tough is that WE'RE in it.


New Mitch!

Mitch Easter's solo album Dynamico shipped this week - gotta check it out. It'd be a nice thing to pair with the recent rerelease of the Sneakers' recordings on Nonsequitur of Silence. The Sneakers were before my time and the album was out of print for a long time so I'm looking forward to finally hearing it. Maybe a Rittenhouse Square rerelease next?


US Attorney Scandal

There's not much I can add to the administration's politicizing of the US Attorneys that others aren't writing better. What is interesting to me (outrage fatigue is getting to me in regards to the scandal itself) is that while there have been other stories that have broken first in the blogosphere, most of them have been relatively inconsequential or trumped up. This is different. I think it's very different. And it may finally cause the downfall of the Attorney General (yes, he should have been fired long, long ago, but I'll take whatever reason works). And the reason there are hearings being held on Capitol Hill is essentially the blogs, most particularly Josh Marshall at TalkingPointsMemo. This goes much deeper and is much bigger than anyone in the MSM was willing to think, despite what should now be common knowledge when dealing with this administration - never think that it couldn't be as bad as it looks. It's worse, no matter what.