Thursday, July 12, 2007

Still Running

Haven't blogged much about running lately 'cuz I haven't been running much lately. After the 5 months traveling to Chicago last year followed by a resumption of commuting in to work for the first time in a long time, my running fell way off, from averaging 16-23 miles per week down to more like 9-10 per week. I also went from 4.5 miles or so per run to having trouble doing more than 3 slow miles per. I finally realized while we were at the neighborhood progressive dinner a few weeks ago that I spent the whole evening whining about not being able to run in the morning now - that had to stop. So I rejiggered my schedule a little bit and I'm back to running a couple of mornings a week to go with a couple of evenings running at the Wellness Center and I've finally broken back through the 3 miles per run wall. I should be close to 15 miles this week after tomorow night.

Read a little piece in the Trib earlier this week where they asked runners at the local half-marathon what their start-up song and their "power" song are - it was disappointed to see how many times Kelly Clarkson showed up but at least somebody had the Stones' Start Me Up as their starter. I usually have my running mix on random play, which didn't work very well this morning as Tears for Fears' Goodnight Song came up as my starter and REM's cover of Draggin' the Line popped up as I started to flag - not exactly inspirational material. If I'd been asked the same question and looked at my current running mix, I'd go with Joan Jett's cover of Roadrunner as my starter and Pearl Jam's World Wide Suicide as the one to kick me in the butt when the legs start to go.


We'll Fight Them Over Where?

According to the 5 page threat assessment compiled by the National Counterterrorism Center, al Qaeda has regained strength in the years since 9/11, primarily with bases along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. In other words, instead of finishing the job in Afghanistan and actually putting some pressure on Mushareef to do more in Pakistan (or threatening to do it for him if he doesn't), we screw up Iraq worse than it already was.

Ooh, terrorist threat growing again in Pakistan - let's invade, oh, I don't know, Dubai maybe. At least they've got nicer hotels.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Oh, and yeah - still here...

Yep, I'm still breathing. J and I decided to try to do a little traveling and social stuff while she's on break from grad school and at the same time we're trying to get some things done around the house and oh-by-the-way I'm not on break from work, so things have been a little hectic. Fun, but hectic.

Recent trips to Asheville, DC and the Outer Banks plus a great party here last weekend (thanks to the celebrants for a great time!), day trips on other weekends and getting back into a more frequent running routine have pushed blogging down the list a bit, but I certainly have no intention of closing up shop. Things'll calm down (for me, at least) a bit when J's fall classes start and after the Meadowmont art show - in the meantime, we're having fun! :-)


...a little less funny...

Former Charlotte Observer editorial cartoonist Doug Marlette was killed in a single-car accident in Mississippi this morning. I haven't kept up much with him since he left the Observer many years ago and have never been a fan of his "Kudzu" strip, but the cartoons he did in my high school and college years, especially with Jim Bakker and Jesse Helms as subjects, were like the Daily Show is now for me - a little piece of humorous sanity and a sign that someone else out there "got it". You can see a slideshow of some of his best stuff from Charlotte at - it's nice to have a reminder of what a frickin' joke the Bakkers and the PTL Club were in Charlotte long before the scandal that brought them down.