Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dry Grey Season

The forecast for this week that called for a chance of rain has now changed to hotter (low to mid-90's) and dryer (no rain in foreseeable). Now that it's August, I'm content to let the grass go dormant as it is well on its way to doing so whether I will or not. I've got large swaths of grey in the green and there's not much I can do about it except to hope that it rebounds in the fall when it cools off a bit and we finally (hopefully) get some rain.


Wall Street Murdoch

I'm not sure I understand the concerns about Rupert Murdoch taking over the Wall Street Journal - I don't think it's possible for their editorial page to become any more conservative than it already is.

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It's amazing the number of 20-something hotties with nekkid pictures on other websites that say they want to be my MySpace friend!


Voting for people that look like you

I'm very annoyed at the constant questions about whether Obama can really get all the black votes or Clinton can corner the female votes - you don't hear people speculating on whether all the white guys will vote for Edwards just because he's white. That would be offensive. So why is it any less offensive to think that blacks will blindly vote for the black guy or that women will unthinkingly vote for the female candidate? And gosh, what does that mean for black women? Who do they vote for?
Voting for one's self-interest and voting for someone that looks like you are two very different things.