Friday, November 09, 2007

Random Ten - Really on Friday This Time

1. I Can't Explain - The Who
2. If I Needed Someone - The Beatles
3. Handshake Drugs - Wilco
4. He Did Mention You - Hobex
5. Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street? - Bruce Springsteen
6. White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane
7. Escape from the A-Bomb House - Less Than Jake
8. Noise in This World - English Beat
9. Soul Food - Hobex
10. Reptile - Nine Inch Nails

And now for something completely different...
11. Outside World - XTC


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Can Has Dressing?!

Via Boingboing, here's LOLgrims...


Friday Random Ten done come on a Tuesday!

Just bought a 4GB Creative Zen V Plus (I still avoid Apple) that I'm damn crazy about, so I couldn't wait until Friday to randomize (uh, plus I'm working late tonight so what the hell...). I highly recommend this player, by the way...

1. Hard Luck Story - Whiskeytown
2. The Rare Ould Times - Flogging Molly
3. An Cat Dubh - U2
4. The Word - The Beatles
5. Shake a Tail Feather - Ray Charles
6. Fortune Teller (Live) - The Who
7. Ashes of American Flags - Wilco
8. Fallen Horses - Smashmouth
9. You Can All Join In - Traffic
10. Plastic Cup Politics - Less Than Jake

and for a little extra sumpn-sumpn

11. Revival - Pell Mell


Thanks, y'all!!

We appreciate all the kind words and thoughts for our family these past few weeks! JennySlash and I went down to Charlotte this past weekend and got a chance to spend a little time with D and A and they're doing remarkably well. After a week in a motel they got into a really nice rental house Saturday (I didn't think J wanted to leave!) and started picking up furniture (the necessities - a bed and a big TV!). So far the insurance company seems to be doing right by them (time of course will tell) and they've got a ton of friends around there that are pitching in with whatever they need.

Dad continues to get a little better day by day - still a little weak but we're hoping he'll be able to drive again in another week or two. They say bad things come in threes, so we're hoping that Mom having to replace the pump on her well (not an inexpensive proposition) is the third and we can all go back to breathing normally again.

Mom and I had a conversation Saturday about whether folks are lucky because they got out of a fire or wreck or something unscathed or unlucky because the problem happened in the first place and they lost all their stuff. I fall solidly on the side of the former. Bad shit is going to happen to everyone eventually - if you can get out with your loved ones and your skin intact, count your frickin blessings. We're damn well counting ours.