Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Theory of Change

Mark Schmitt, one of my favorite bloggers who I've unfortunately not made enough time to read lately, does a nice job of laying out the approaches of the top three Democratic candidates with particular attention to why Obama's message may not be as naive as it may appear to some (including the Washington press corps). I'm firmly in John Edwards' camp as I believe his movement ideas are the best way to get progressive politics viable again, but I won't have any trouble at all pulling the lever (or filling in the little oval) for any of those three.

(h/t to Kevin Drum)


Friday, December 21, 2007

More Christmas Video Goodness

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Back from WDW

Sorry for the lack of posting - we've just returned from almost a week at Walt Disney World and will be around home for the holidays. I'm actually working next week (first time since 1986 that I've worked between Christmas and New Year's) but it should be pretty quiet (one can only hope). I'll be posting the obligatory Walt Disney World trip report over the next couple of days along with some photos - if you've never been, it probably won't interest you but it's been kinda mandatory among WDW devotees since the advent of the InterWebs.

Other than that we're going to rest up, see some family and friends, maybe finally decorate the house, catch a flick or two (National Treasure II opens tonight!) and relax...

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