Saturday, March 22, 2008

After Round One (plus)

Despite the ridiculous number of upsets Friday, I went 22-11 in the 1st round plus play-in and better yet, the only unpredicted loss that really hurts the next couple of rounds is Clemson (dang it!) as I had them losing to Georgetown in the regional finals.

All the upsets are exciting to watch, but I think they must hurt CBS in the long run. Having one or two surprise teams advance is great and makes people want to see the next game, but having 12th seeds playing 13th seeds is not going to draw fans. I can't imagine lots more folks wanting to watch San Diego play Western Kentucky than would have tuned in to watch UConn and I don't think Villanova/Siena is going to do as well as a Clemson/Vanderbilt matchup. It's all up to the teams, but I look for the ratings to be down this weekend and would not be surprised to see CBS having a little chat with the NCAA reps before next season.

I didn't sit down and watch the UNC game as I absolutely hate 1 vs. 16 games when my team is in them. If you lose, you never live it down. If you win by a bunch, you might get cocky and stumble in the next one. If the game is close, it gives the 8-9 winner a lot of confidence that they can get you. Probably the best outcome is a game that is close in the first half and blown wide open right after half-time. You hope in that case the team gets a little humility but also a lot of confidence. Yes, I know, I do overthink this stuff...

Sure, there were a lot of upsets, but all of the 1, 2 and 3 seeds advanced and 2 of the 4s, so it'l be interesting to see if after this weekend things are back to the power teams in the Sweet 16.



At 8:57 PM, Blogger Lex Alexander said...

At least one 10 seed still hanging in there .... ;-)


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