Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bracketology - Midwest Region

Round One
Kansas over Portland State
UNLV over Kent State
Clemson over 'Nova
Vandy over Siena

USC over Kansas State ("Beasley can't hold the Mayo" - how many times are you going to read THAT joke in the next few days?)
Wisconsin over Cal St. Fullerton
Davidson over the Zags
GTown over nearby UMBC in a rout

Round Two
Kansas over UNLV (I'm worried about this one - this is where I usually expect the Jayhawk collapse)
Clemson over Vandy (one of the best second round games on the schedule)
USC over Wisconsin
GTown over Davidson in a squeaker (sorry, Lex!)

Regional Semis
Clemson over Kansas (HERE's where the chicken chokes)
GTown over USC

Regional Finals
GTown over Clemson - Hibbert too much for Booker and May



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