Friday, March 07, 2008

Let 'Em Run

I can't tell how much of the hand-wringing over the continuation of the Democratic primary race was due to wishful thinking on the part of Obama's supporters that the race was (or at least should have been) over and how much is just nervousness on the part of long-time party watchers that are looking for any sign that we're about to self-destruct again. I can sympathize with the latter as we've certainly shot ourselves in the foot often enough, but firmly believe that the continuing race between Clinton and Obama is only going to strengthen us for the fall. Outside of the blogosphere, I don't think there are many Obama supporters who won't cheerfully vote for Clinton and vice-versa, as long as things stay on the up-and-up. What I mean by that is that it is essential that Dean and the DNC work out a "primary lite" in Florida and Michigan (much preferable to a credentials fight) and that the superdelegates are allowed to vote their conscious. Like the system or not, it's the system all the candidates started out with and tinkering with it now would be unfair to one or the other.

In the meantime, media sweetheart John McCain is going to have trouble getting any airtime for a while longer, which can only help the Dems. If there is enough concern that they're too focused on each other and not on the Repuglicans, I would suggest getting Al Gore and Bill Bradley and John Edwards and Bill Richardson and others (notice that I did NOT suggest Joe-mentum) out on the stump to counter McCain as Democratic leaders without having to pick Clinton or Obama. The bottom line is that we've got two strong candidates, either of whom almost all of us can get behind, against a compromise candidate that no one in the other party seems all that enthusiastic about.



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