Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tankers (not a basketball post)

I'm going to have a hard time voting for anyone pandering to the crowd and trying to overturn the decision by the military to award the air refueling tanker contract to EADS instead of Boeing (yes, Northrup Grumman is partnering with EADS but it's clear who is senior). The procurement process appears to have followed all of the guidelines established by the same Congress that is now crying foul and despite whining to the contrary by the Boeing spokespeople, it looks as if EADS won hands down on the merits. Hey, you all keep saying we want government run more like a business, so why wouldn't we buy from the contractor that promises to be cheaper, faster and better? Any of the Congresscritters that come out bitching about this (and there are already a fair number) better read their own damn rules about procurement.

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At 9:17 PM, Blogger Special K said...

I've heard the arguments from EADS and from Boeing. They are both compelling arguments. This will be interesting to watch.


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