Friday, March 07, 2008


It shouldn't matter so much that the young woman found shot to death in Chapel Hill yesterday was the student body president and a Morehead Scholar. The death of any young person at that point in their life, for any reason, is a horrible tragedy. It is not only top students or class presidents or pretty white girls (or school mascots like Jason Ray) that make positive differences in people's lives so it shouldn't be that much harder to take when someone like Eve Carson dies so young - it ought to be incredibly hard regardless. But this is somehow worse - it really is.

Maybe it's the fact that instead of a vague promise of great things to come (certainly that's the most anyone would have thought of me at that age), she was already starting to fulfill that promise. At a time in our lives when most of us were just trying to make it to that last semester of classes despite our hangovers and worrying more about working on our resumes or applying to grad schools than anything or anyone else, she was already doing great things and improving the lives of others. How can you not be terribly impressed by that - and feel much more strongly that here is a person that should not have been taken away.

Earlier yesterday I had drafted a post about both UNC basketball teams being ranked 1 and 2 and how everything felt right with the world. It is not. Whatever is found out about the series of events that left Eve Carson lying dead in the street, nothing is right this week nor will it be for a long time to come. I grieve for her family and her friends and I grieve for all of us who never got a chance to meet this remarkable young person.

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At 6:12 AM, Blogger Tony Plutonium said...

To the anonymous commenter - feel free to speculate on motive to your heart's content, but not here. I neither agree nor disagree with you but frankly if you are right, then I'd rather not have those comments here - you might be anonymous but I'm not.


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